About Us

Viewtech Limited (“Viewtech”) is a financial technology company operating as a mobile money payment service provider (PSP) licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya (“CBK”). In October 2021, CBK granted Viewtech Limited authorization to conduct or carry out business of payment services in Kenya.

Viewtech Limited offer mobile money e-wallet services, which includes send money, agency network, and cash in & cash out services, merchants’ payments, and loose change collections where customers will receive their loose change from cash payments at merchants’ location digitally into their e-wallet under the product dubbed SasaPay. This is in compliance with the National Payment System (NPS) Act 2011 and the National Payments System regulations 2014.


The Kenyan customer is evolving and with it the need for a payment service provider that aims to meet the customer at the point of need and continually innovate new solutions.

Viewtech has adopted a consumer centric design thinking model that allows us to solve consumer problems with realistic yet easy to use technology-based solutions. At the core of our business is the end user and the ability to leverage existing ecosystems to eliminate bottlenecks for enhanced efficiency.

SasaPay has been designed with the customer in mind through a series of research and development cycles over the last two years. We believe SasaPay will offer safe, seamless, and modern payment solutions for different needs.

Our Core Values

Forward Thinking

We wholeheartedly embrace innovation and eagerly adopt creative approaches to navigate an ever-changing world


We secure our stakeholder interest through robust, transparent, honest, and professional ways of working.


We thrive through teamwork and committed-beneficial partnerships..

Customer Centricity

We respect our customers and their desire for speed, convenience, and quality experience


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